Packing this suitcase is becoming a serious problem. What am I gonna to do with all these socks? They don’t fit next to the pain, and the self-defeat already filled the smaller bag in the corner. Fuck it. I’m just bringing a couple pairs – the holy ones. Only staying a couple days anyway, and maybe not even that long. I just need enough time to burn the shit in my life that no longer serves me: a look of longing, a shiver of unspoken words, that feeling of ice in my stomach that makes me wince, and those stupid fucking socks.

This is going to be one hell of a bonfire. Bring some beers if you feel like coming along, nothing but empty seats here in this heart. I’ll grab a radio. We’ll burn some of your shit too if you want.


(yes. it’s the same literary device as the previous post. fuck you for caring.)

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